Sexy since 1983.

We are a non-sectarian, non-profit, socio-academic organization composed of people who are passionate about computer science.

What is UP CURSOR?

The UP Association of Computer Science Majors (UP CURSOR) is a non-sectarian, non-profit, and socio-academic organization founded on August 16, 1983 by a group of BS Computer Science students. The organizations' objectives are as follows:

To extend

The training of its members beyond the formal limits of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum of the University of the Philippines Diliman

To integrate

the efforts of its members in pursuit of academic growth and excellence

To foster

goodwill, friendship, cooperation, and dedication among its members

To cultivate

and maintain cordial, fraternal, and professional relations with other organizations inside and outside the University

To provide

a channel for the promotion of general interests in the field of computer science

These are achieved by utilizing the talents and skills of its members to hold different events where different topics in computer science are discussed. The organization also provides different services for its members and the Department of Computer Science - UP Diliman.

This way it can develop its members holistically while promoting computer science and what it can offer to the society.


To promote Computer Science through the holistic growth of its members by training them in leadership, management, teamwork, social responsibility, and other skills that are beneficial to their growth as students and, eventually, as leaders in nation building.


To be an institution where the next generation of professionals can find a home that will enable them to refine their skills and talents in using technology for building a better country.


This organization seeks to help its members grow by instilling in them the core values (Camaraderie and Individuality, Stewardship and Selflessness, Respect and Open mindedness, Resourcefulness, and Holistic Development) it holds.

These core values are what defines the organization and what shapes its members who, in turn, collectively and continuously shape the organization as well.

Our Brand

Who we are

The UP Association of Computer Science Majors, more commonly known as UP CURSOR, is a non-sectarian, non-profit, socio-academic organization composed of people who are passionate about computer science and eventually form long lasting relationships with each other.

Why CURSOR Sexy?

"CURSOR, Sexy!" started out as a simple confidence booster to motivate and rally our members in the heat of competition during the annual Engineering Week festivities. Now, it does not only serve as a way to encourage and excite our members, but also helps bring us together as a family.

The simple cheer has evolved into something that encapsulates what we stand for as an organization. "Sexy" is not just a physical manifestation. It's not what's outside, but what's inside that matters. Being CURSOR Sexy is what unites us through our differences. It does not matter what you do or who you are. As long as you can find something that connects you to the organization, you can be part of our family.

Our diversity is what makes us strong. It's what makes us sexy, CURSOR Sexy. Plus, you have to admit, it really makes for a pretty cool cheer.

What we do

We integrate our efforts to hold meaningful events that highlight the importance of computer science in our society. Not only do we share our passion for computer science, we also bring out the best in our members through trainings and various interest groups like singing, dancing, and many more.

Why "CURSOR" and not "Cursor?"

UP CURSOR, the name we're most famous for, has been our moniker for the longest time. And aside from the fact that cursor is a computer term and it can be spelled out in our name (UP Association of CompUteR Science MajORs), it is important to spell it in all caps, as we are not just a simple cursor.

Though we take inspiration from it, we want to differentiate ourselves from the symbol that helps us navigate in our computers. We are an organization with values and purpose. For that, our name deserves to be capitalized.


A five-day online tech event offering skills workshops, breakout sessions, and company talks for Computer Science & IT college students and young professionals with the goal of showcasing Philippine technology for the nation, and being an avenue for collaboration among aspiring computer scientists.

Our university-wide merchandise store, created to help the organiztion fulfill its social responsibility to its community. Proceeds from sales will go to a selected beneficiary for the semester.

Handog Kaalaman (HagKan) is our flagship outreach event that aims to promote computer literacy and inspire young Computer Scientists.


We believe in the values of the organization and form the strongest bonds through our shared love for computer science.

Camille Rule

Executive President

Francine Reign Calma

Internal Vice-President & Membership Committee Head

Kyle Reynoso

External Vice-President & External Affairs Committee Head

Frances Lei Ramirez

Executive Secretary & Records Committee Head

Christian Quinzon

Executive Treasurer & Finance Committee Head

PamellaJei S. Dela Rosa

Academic Affairs Committee Head

Rain Castañeda

Activities Committee Head

Zairra Dela Calzada

Information & Public Relations Committee Head

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